About ESWA

With our growth across WA, NSW and the NT we are now transitioning all of our materials onto our new website (see website). We encourage you to head there for the latest in earth science support.

The role of ESWA is to create, produce and deliver innovative, valuable earth sciences experiences; to further the recognition of earth sciences as an integral part of STEM; to improve the quality of the talent pipeline for industry; to increase the awareness of the wide range of career opportunities that earth sciences provide; and to emphasise the importance of earth sciences in understanding contemporary issues.

Teachers of Earth and Environmental Science have free access to field trip support (including funding) and the Geoscientists in Schools program (linking guest presenters to schools). Jo Watkins also enables email networking to share activities and ideas and continuous collegiate support (see Contacts).

Teachers of both primary and secondary Earth and Space Science are able to access Cecily Arkell and Fiona Mochrie for classroom modelling of hands-on, engaging experiences and professional development. Loan kits and further resources may also be accessed by contacting Cecily Arkell (see Contacts).